Rooted and Established in Love Podcast

I will admit, I find Jonah to be aggravating, because it feels like he never quite learns to see as God sees. In this podcast episode, I walk you through the book of Jonah, his story. We will talk about what happens in his story, why he is significant in God’s plan and how God  and His love for us are revealed to us through this story.
I think the universally known thing about David is that he defeated Goliath with a slingshot and some smooth stones, but there is so much more to his story! I invite you to listen in to this episode and learn about a man after God’s own heart, his sins and his road to redemption. 
If you have ever felt like the choices you’ve made in life are too bad for God to ever be able to redeem you or want you back, this is the episode for you. Rahab was a prostitute who was used by God to further His kingdom in some mighty ways!